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Welcome to Americano Barber Shoppe, your go-to salon for experiencing relaxation the way you deserve. Together, we will give you the knowledge base to confidently recreate the styles you love to be your most authentic self!

Here at Americano, we want to provide a “come one, come all” mentality. All are welcome to pop in and get the mini spa day you have been craving. Not for you? That’s okay too – grab a quick cut and beer, we’ll have you on your way back out into this crazy world in no time!

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Meet Allie!

With over 7 years under her belt working in the men’s grooming industry, Allie will surpass all your hair expectations. From haircuts or shaves, to manicures, pedicures, and manscaping, Allie has all the knowledge and professional expertise you are looking for. Aside from her articulate skills behind the chair, Allie’s charismatic nature and uplifting spirits will leave you feeling upbeat and ready to conquer the day. Her bubbly personality and attentive customer service will ensure that you receive the best experience at Americano. Make an appointment today and let Allie work her magic!

Meet Kristi!

Kristi has been a force within the hair industry for 12 years, more specifically working in men’s grooming for 7 years. Her skills reflect precision and knowledge in an array of different services, such as hair and beard treatments, body waxing, manicures and facials. Kristi’s skills and passion for building other’s confidence extend past the chair. In her “down” time, Kristi owns and operates Golden Hello, a company designed to assist other companies in recognizing employees for outstanding services, birthdays, promotions, etc. Schedule with Kristi today, you will leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated!

Meet Devon!

This is Devon!

A working member of the men’s grooming industry since 2010, Devon holds both Master Barber and Cosmetology licenses!

Her unique skillset contributes to her precision behind the chair. She specializes in fades, waxing, and straight razor shaves. More importantly, Devon provides a fun, humor-filled experience in the process.

She is witty and what some would call, a spitfire! Book with Devon today and leave smiling and looking your best!

Meet Sammi!

With 12 years experience in the hair industry, Sammi is your go-to girl for all of your hair grooming needs. Turns out Sammi learned how to cut hair before she learned how to drive! A wizard with the shears, Sammi loves long scissors cuts and her attention to detail is impressive. Don’t get it twisted - Sammi can also crush any clipper cut thrown her way, all while making it look easy! Book now and you will receive a kind, upbeat, reliable barber for life!

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Providing our team with a place to call home, our Hair Goddesses have the flexibility to create their own schedule, maintain their books, and adjust their hours however they please. Vagaro online booking allows you to book 24/7.


Our team works together to create an atmosphere where everyone can feel at home, including our amazing clients. Let’s be real, at this point we see you as family – and we want the family to keep growing!

Hair Replacement - 30 min

Non-surgical hair replacement.
30 minute consultation to discuss options best suited for client and color matching of the hair.

We recommend have 1 inch of hair for accurate color-matching.

Haircut - $40 and up - Includes a hot towel on the face, percussive massage gun on your back and shoulders, along with an invigorating shampoo and conditioning treatment.
Head Shave - $40 Series of hot towels, oils, and moisturizers, nap included.
Just a Smidge - $30 Exactly what it sounds like, a smidge off all around. Otherwise known as a trim! No shampoo included.
Kids Haircut – $30 No shampoo included
Neck Shave - $12 Straight razor on the back of the neck. Perfect for an “in between” visit to stay looking fresh and clean.
Grey Blending - $25 5 minute color to camouflage grey hairs into a more natural blending process.

Hot Lather Face Shave - $35 Lay back and relax with a series of hot towels, pre and post skin prep, and therapeutic hand massage.
Beard Trim - $25 Shaping of the beard, including a hot towel and straight shave on cheeks and neck.
5 o’ clock Shadow - $15 Achieving the perfect stubble, with a quick wave of the clippers.
Goatee/Mustache Trim - $10
Barber Chair Mini Facial (add on) - $20 Add on to any beard trim or shave for a refreshing cleanser, scrub, and moisturizer for added relaxation. No regrets!
Cheek Wax (beard lines) - $20 Using wax specifically for sensitive skin, waxing the edges of the bead can last 2-3 weeks longer than shaving. A little pain for all the gain!

Eyebrow Wax - $15
Nose Wax - $15
Ear Wax - $15
Combo Wax (all 3) - $40
Nape Wax (back of neck) - $20
Back Wax - $45
Back and Shoulder - $65
Chest Wax - $55
Back Trim - $20
Chest Trim - $20
Arm(s) Trim - $20
Leg Trim - $20

Manicure Treatment - $30 Clipping of nails, cuticles, and a smooth buff finish. Including hot towels, and therapeutic hand massage.
Pedicure Treatment - $50 Clipping of toenails, cuticles, with a smooth buff finish. Dead skin removal, along with hot towels, moisturizing masque and massage.

45 min - $55 Cleansing, exfoliation, dead skin removal, along with extractions to remove impurities. A series of hot towels used with aromatherapy, and a therapeutic upper body massage.

Haircut and Beard Trim - $65
Haircut and Grey Blending - $65
Haircut and Combo Wax – $80
Haircut, Beard Trim, Combo Wax - $105

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Vagaro online booking allows you to book 24/7.

If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to your stylist individually as well.

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